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Final MSEA 2015 Award Standings
Thank you for trusting me with your awards program and congratulations to all for having a safe and successful year. See you at the awards banquet.

Leslie Terry

2015 Final MSEA Awards Standings

MSEA 2014 Final Awards Standings
Here are the Final MSEA 2014 year-end awards results. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Awards Dinner!!

2014 Final MSEA Awards Standings

If your name or your horse isn't on the list and you feel you have met the above qualifications, please email Leslie at by December 1st.

MSEA is Alive and Well!

A little history on MSEA. MSEA was established in the mid-1970ís as an organization to facilitate communication between organizations that either were or wanted to organize and run a horse trials. These organizations became chapters of MSEA. MSEA encompasses a huge area of the Rocky Mountain region from Southeast Idaho to South Dakota and from Southeastern Montana to the New Mexico border. It also includes the Wasatch Range in Utah.

If you are an MSEA member and have an address, phone or email change, please be sure to let Dan Michaels ( know and you local group also!

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